How to stream your wedding ceremony

It’s time to finally get the formalities out of the way.As the bride and groom gather for their wedding, you’ve just made it to the very end of the process.What are you waiting for?Here’s everything you need to know about streamers and their special day.The ceremony and reception is over, but you still have one […]

What does “weddings” mean?

This is the fourth time that I’ve covered wedding ceremony words. We’ve seen them before, including in this article last year, and it’s a good one, if a bit cheesy. But it’s also a good way to break down what wedding ceremony is, and how to use it. There are three types of wedding ceremony: wedding ceremonies, weddings […]

How to get married at the first official wedding ceremony in the US

A wedding ceremony at a Florida county courthouse, in a small town in rural Florida, has become the national symbol of the wedding season.The ceremony, which has drawn national media attention in recent weeks, took place at the Pinellas County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida. In the past week, the event has been attended by celebrities including […]

New Zealand’s new wedding ceremony laws could make life more difficult for same-sex couples

NEW ZEALAND’S wedding ceremonies could be “the biggest, ugliest, and most difficult legal challenge to date”, the chief justice of the High Court has said.Justice John McMahon told the New Zealand Law Reform Commission yesterday that the legalisation of same-gender marriages could put families “at greater risk of harm and distress”.“In some of the cases […]

Which wedding ceremony will make you feel the most?

In the days leading up to a wedding, there’s a lot of talk about planning a wedding ceremony.There are tons of different types of wedding ceremonies, and many people have different opinions on what a good wedding ceremony should be.Here’s what we think you should be thinking when you’re thinking about getting married:1.The bride and […]

How ‘The Bachelor’ wedding ceremony was a mess: ‘There’s no way we could have done it without the groom’

The groom and the bride in the ‘The Big Bang Theory’ wedding last year.(Courtesy of CBS Studios)The wedding ceremony took place in the summer of 2019 at the Four Seasons in New York City, and CBS Studios has released a new video of it that shows just how awkward it was for everyone involved.The wedding […]

First U.S. state to ban wedding rope ceremony

A Nevada couple has won a federal court victory after the U.A.E. state banned the practice of wedding rope ceremonies, saying the ritual is akin to “witchcraft.”The U.K. state of South Carolina also banned wedding rope after a similar ruling last year.A New Mexico couple sued after the state said they were at risk of […]

How to Get Your Wedding Ceremony Organized

The best way to get your wedding ceremony organized and run smoothly is to use a wedding planner.You can use the same wedding planner that you use for a typical big day, like a big reception, to organize a small wedding ceremony.The problem with this is that, because wedding planning is such a large undertaking, […]

How to get married in the UAE

KUWAIT (Reuters) – UAE residents can now marry in public and take photos, and the government is looking at expanding that to include the men as well.The new law, announced on Wednesday, comes in response to a government-led campaign to curb Islamic State-inspired violence in the Arab world’s top oil exporter.It came after a wave […]

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