How India’s iconic Mahatma Gandhi funeral was honoured with music

India’s Mahatama Gandhi memorial is expected to be transformed into a new musical tribute on Monday night, with an iconic tune set to be played.Key points:A solemn ceremony will mark the centenary of Mahatam Gandhi’s birthOn Monday, the National Anthem will be played in the park and a live band will be performingIt is the […]

Which religious ceremony is right for you?

New York magazine asked followers on Instagram and Twitter to answer which religious ceremony best suits them, from the traditional Jewish one to the one that celebrates marriage and children.The survey also asked followers to describe what their favorite ritual was and the people they had a relationship with in their lives.A majority of people […]

My wedding was symbolic of my love for you

My wedding to my best friend was a big moment.I had my own wedding with my parents.The ceremony was pretty short.I was happy.I thought my parents would be excited about me getting married.I’m a pretty traditional person.They were, but they were still very accepting.The kids were excited.It was a really special moment.My family was excited, […]

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