How to get married at the first official wedding ceremony in the US

A wedding ceremony at a Florida county courthouse, in a small town in rural Florida, has become the national symbol of the wedding season.The ceremony, which has drawn national media attention in recent weeks, took place at the Pinellas County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida. In the past week, the event has been attended by celebrities including […]

A bride and groom’s surprise wedding ceremony

The bride and her family are planning a surprise wedding for the groom, a senior law enforcement officer, according to court documents filed Monday.In a lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in New Orleans, attorney Brian Stemmons claims that the groom is the victim of a “criminal conspiracy” by a former law enforcement official who […]

What’s New in 2018?

A few days after my sister and I were married, we got a text from our parents that read, “We were supposed to have a wedding ceremony on October 8th, but we have a couple of days to get a license for the ceremony and we’re just not ready.”Our parents were right.We hadn’t planned to […]

How to create a wedding ceremony at home

If you’re planning a big outdoor wedding in Jerusalem or even a wedding reception, consider having a wedding with a group of friends.You’ll have the best chance of getting some beautiful flowers, which will help you decorate the hall.Here are some tips to make your ceremony memorable and unforgettable.1.Dress in colorful costumes, like black, blue, […]

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