First public ceremony for wheelchair bride in Ireland

It has been almost three years since Caitlin, a wheelchair bride from Dublin, celebrated her wedding in an ordinary ceremony in a home in a rural part of the country.She said she had no idea how the ceremony would go.But now the moment has come, and Caitlin says she will never forget it.“The most important […]

What does “weddings” mean?

This is the fourth time that I’ve covered wedding ceremony words. We’ve seen them before, including in this article last year, and it’s a good one, if a bit cheesy. But it’s also a good way to break down what wedding ceremony is, and how to use it. There are three types of wedding ceremony: wedding ceremonies, weddings […]

When is the best time to get married?

The wedding of the century is finally here!Celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Simpsons on Saturday, April 13, the Simpsons star Homer Simpson and his wife Lisa are expecting their first child.In celebration of this milestone, ABC News is launching a series of wedding ceremonies in celebration of the occasion.For more information on the special […]

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