New Zealand’s new wedding ceremony laws could make life more difficult for same-sex couples

NEW ZEALAND’S wedding ceremonies could be “the biggest, ugliest, and most difficult legal challenge to date”, the chief justice of the High Court has said.Justice John McMahon told the New Zealand Law Reform Commission yesterday that the legalisation of same-gender marriages could put families “at greater risk of harm and distress”.“In some of the cases […]

Why Japan’s wedding ceremony is the best in the world

The Japanese wedding ceremony has been around since the 1800s.It’s an annual event that involves singing, dancing and, well, kissing.We asked three experts to share the secrets to the best wedding ceremony in the country.We’ve rounded up the best Japanese wedding cake recipes.First, let’s start with the basics.The Japanese wedding cakes are a little different […]

How to Get A Couple To Receive The Ceremony And Get The Wedding Cake

The ceremony is one of the main elements of a traditional wedding, and many couples get married on the first anniversary of the wedding.Here’s how to get them to do that, if possible.Read MoreWhat you’ll need for the ceremonyAre you married?Have you ever been married?If you’re a couple, do you have questions?We have the answers!Are […]

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