Why the moon could soon be home to a giant asteroid

A giant asteroid could soon become a planet – with an asteroid belt stretching from Australia to the Earth’s poles.It would be the first time that an object has been spotted in a belt of gas and dust.NASA says the asteroid could be a dwarf planet and the belt is around 300 light years in […]

When it comes to weddings, there are no better than a Swedish wedding ceremony

The Swedish wedding celebration is an epic tale of two worlds, but the most epic part isn’t even that: It’s all the people you met and how they ended up in your wedding cake.But if you’re planning your own, you can learn a lot about the culture and customs that went into making this event […]

How to dress for the bride, groom, and groom’s groom’s bride: What you need to know about the bride and groom, according to the official Bride and Groom Guide

How do I dress for my wedding?I’ll talk about what you need for the ceremony. How do I make sure my wedding looks professional and modern? I’ll talk to a stylist. I’m not sure if I can do the ceremony myself.What can I wear?You may have to go out of your way to dress appropriately, such as a […]

How India’s iconic Mahatma Gandhi funeral was honoured with music

India’s Mahatama Gandhi memorial is expected to be transformed into a new musical tribute on Monday night, with an iconic tune set to be played.Key points:A solemn ceremony will mark the centenary of Mahatam Gandhi’s birthOn Monday, the National Anthem will be played in the park and a live band will be performingIt is the […]

Why are you not getting the black wedding glass ceremony?: I don’t want it!

The wedding glass was designed by British artist Richard Cairns, who died in 2016.Cairn is known for using colorful, multi-colored, hand-drawn images and patterns, and for incorporating themes of social inequality and race in his work.His work is seen as a nod to a post-racial society.He has been called “the man who created the modern […]

A bride and groom’s surprise wedding ceremony

The bride and her family are planning a surprise wedding for the groom, a senior law enforcement officer, according to court documents filed Monday.In a lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in New Orleans, attorney Brian Stemmons claims that the groom is the victim of a “criminal conspiracy” by a former law enforcement official who […]

Kenyan wedding venue will allow gay people to wear ‘traditional’ wedding attire

Kenyan civil rights group wants to allow gay and lesbian Kenyans to marry, a move that would mark a milestone in the country’s long-simmering debate over marriage equality.The Kenyatta Marriage Law Association (KMLA), which was founded in 2005 to fight against same-sex marriage, has been calling for the legalisation of same-gender marriages since 2010, arguing […]

Why you need to know this: A Catholic church wedding ceremony

It was the morning of February 9, 1963, and a crowd gathered outside St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral.As the crowd rose to greet the arrival of the bride and groom, they were greeted by the sight of their beloved archbishop, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, and the pontiff’s wife, Sister Simone Campbell, standing side-by-side.In the crowd were […]

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