Kenyan wedding event dialogue: Kenyan ‘unwilling’ to talk about the incident

A wedding ceremony in Kenyan’s northern Kamba province has been held without a bride and groom in sight, according to an official statement. The ceremony has been called off following a woman’s refusal to marry a man from the neighboring village of Tasho and a dispute between the bride and her father over her family’s religious […]

Wedding ceremony dresses ‘costs more than $10,000’: report

The cost of the wedding ceremony dress, which is often used as a centerpiece in ceremonies, has been reported to be over $10 million, according to a report by the New York Times.In addition to the cost of clothing, the paper said, the wedding gowns are often adorned with expensive jewelry and decorations, and are […]

Indian court annuls wedding ceremony

A court in India has annulled the wedding ceremony for a man and his partner after his family said he had been tortured during his arrest.The man was arrested at the Delhi airport in November last year after allegedly throwing stones at a police officer.His wife was detained along with the couple for five days.The […]

What you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak

The coronaviral pandemic has spread like wildfire through much of the world, but in Kenya, the outbreak has killed more than half of the country’s population. A coronaviruses-free country that prides itself on its religious traditions, Kenyans have been in constant fear of the virus. They are particularly alarmed by the rise of new strains of coronavireptid, […]

How to get married at a Milk Ceremony

The Jerusalem Old City has witnessed the wedding of a man and a woman to each other.The ceremony took place at the Givat Zeev Temple on Thursday.The couple, who were married at the Temple, were both from Israel and attended the ceremony.It is believed they are the first couples to be married at such a […]

What is a Black Wedding?

With the wedding season upon us, it’s a perfect time to revisit some of the more colorful and colorful weddings around the world.From a traditional black wedding ceremony to a white wedding to a gay wedding, these are some of our favorites.The first of many wedding traditions is a traditional white wedding.Traditionally, the bride and […]

Why You Should Go Blue at the Viking Wedding Ceremony in Edmonton

If you love blue and white wedding dresses, you may want to consider getting married in a blue or white wedding dress.It can look amazing and make you look like royalty.The Viking wedding is a tradition dating back to the Viking Age.It was a gathering of people who gathered at the Viking church to celebrate […]

My wedding was symbolic of my love for you

My wedding to my best friend was a big moment.I had my own wedding with my parents.The ceremony was pretty short.I was happy.I thought my parents would be excited about me getting married.I’m a pretty traditional person.They were, but they were still very accepting.The kids were excited.It was a really special moment.My family was excited, […]

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