The MTV Video Entertainment Awards (VMA) is one of the most watched music events in the world.

This year, a group of six stars from the music industry were chosen for the ceremony and all five were selected to wed.

In addition, the stars were chosen by MTV’s executive producer for VMA 2017, who said, “They’re all extremely talented.

They have a very different, very beautiful and unique style of music, and that is a combination that’s really unique.”

The five stars who wed were the two who appeared on the music video for Britney Spears’ “Dance With Me,” Justin Bieber’s “All Day,” and Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.”

They were Britney, who married her long-time friend, the singer-songwriter and producer Nicki Minaj, in a ceremony in Los Angeles in February, and Taylor, who had the chance to marry the artist-producer and husband of a child.

Britney was also nominated for “Video of the Year,” “Video Music Award” and “VMA Video of the Month.”

Justin Bieber and Justin Minaj were the other two stars who had a chance to get married.

Brits and Minaj are both married, and Justin Bieber has also been engaged to Canadian model Taylor Swift.

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