In 2016, Eugenie Mihály, a Romanian woman, and her husband were married in a Catholic church in St. Louis, Missouri.

They planned on attending their wedding in St Louis, but had to cancel their plans because of the violence that erupted during the service.

They are now celebrating their wedding on a cruise ship, where they were told they would be welcomed and allowed to stay.

But they were not welcomed.

“It was really hard,” Eugenia told CNN.

“We were told we had to leave, we had no rights, we could not leave the country, we were told to go to the nearest hotel, we didn’t have any documents.”

The couple, who was not allowed to take photographs of their nuptials, said they were treated like criminals by the police.

They were also told that their wedding photos could be used to blackmail them, they were also not allowed the freedom to travel, or even to travel to the United States, where the couple had planned to live.

They received a court order to stay in Romania, but were unable to do so, because they were being detained in St Mary’s County, where their marriage ceremony was held.

On Monday, Eugensia and her family were released from jail.

They have not heard back from the police or from the Romanian government, so they are hoping that they can get the information they need before they return to Romania.

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