The bride and groom might be in a different city, but their reception is the same: a gathering of friends and family to celebrate life together.

But the difference between a public wedding and a private wedding is that a private ceremony has a different set of rules about who is invited to attend.

To make sure that your ceremony is enjoyable for everyone involved, you might want to consider having someone with a different accent join the guests, or a different wedding dress, or different hairstyle, or even an additional dress.

But before you make the biggest decisions, there are some common misconceptions that might get in the way.

These include:• Your wedding ceremony can only be held on a public day• The wedding ceremony must be a public ceremonyThe public wedding ceremony is a private one where everyone is welcome to attend and the couple can be seated separately.

The wedding ceremony for a private venue is different.

You can decide to allow the bride and groomsmaids to be seated in the same room.• If you have a family event, the guests must be able to sit together.

This does not apply to a group wedding.• There are no rules about seating outside the roomThe private ceremony will include a reception that takes place in a separate room, and the guests are not allowed to sit in front of the receptionist.• The groom and groom’s partner must be present in the room.

The guestlist is not always the same.

For example, a wedding reception where the groom and groom’s partner are guests may have different names.

You may have to decide whether to have your wedding ceremony at the reception hall or the guest house.• You can only have a minimum of two people at the ceremony.

You can also change your mind and invite a different couple at a later date.

The rules of your private wedding ceremony are set out in the ceremony’s dress code, which is described in the dress code booklet.

These rules include:You can have as many guests as you like, as long as they’re all from the same ethnic group.

You’re also allowed to have as few as two people in the venue.

A common misunderstanding about public weddings is that the guestlist must be uniform.

This is not true.

There is no uniform dress code for private weddings.

There are two different kinds of guests at your wedding: guests who are invited for their own private purpose, and guests who have a formal, formal purpose.

If you have guests who both have formal, professional purposes, then you can include them in the wedding.

Guests who are not invited for private purposes may not be able join you at the wedding, but you may still be able invite guests who do.

To keep your guests from getting separated or losing their seats, it’s best to make sure the dresscode is followed.

The dress code is the rules of dress that are followed by all attendees, whether it’s the bride or groom.

To follow the dress codes at your private reception, you’ll need to be able:• To be seated at the same time• To have a person standing next to you• To sit with youThe dress codes are set by the groom, and can be changed by the bride.

For example, if the groom’s dresscode states that no one under the age of 18 is allowed in the reception, then the groom can change the dressCode by:• changing the wedding dress• changing a guestlist• changing or changing a dressCode of dressThe groom may also change the ceremony dresscode at the request of the bride if the bride is too tired or has other health problems.

If the dresscodes are not in place for a particular occasion, then there may be a different dress code.

The best way to ensure that everyone is comfortable and enjoying the wedding is to meet the requirements for a wedding dresscode.

Find out more about what a wedding ceremony dress code means to you.

You’ll also need to wear a suitable wedding dress.

A wedding dress should fit and be able give the illusion of a dress, but there are other considerations to consider.

A good wedding dress will:• fit well• be made of high quality• be easy to put on and take offYou should ask your tailor to make you the perfect wedding dress for you, but don’t be afraid to ask for advice from your dressmaker.

You don’t need to have a dress made for you.

You might need a dress that’s similar to one that was made for your parents, or you might need to buy a different style for a different event.

If there are two dresses that you want to try on at the rehearsal, your tailor will help you choose one that fits your figure and is easy to wear.

You should also consider whether there’s a dress code that applies to you at your reception.

If it does, you may want to contact your dress maker to see if you can get a different design.

The reception dress code will be the dress that the groom wears, so your dressmakers should also

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