The ceremony will be streamed live to your smartphone, tablet, or computer from the comfort of your home.

You can also watch it on the big screen at the reception, where guests can watch it and make their own decisions on what to wear.

For guests who have not been invited, a special reception is also available at the venue to share the ceremony with guests.

The wedding ceremony is available to watch via your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

The ceremony can also be viewed on your computer or other connected media device via the Disney Dining Plan.

For those guests who cannot access the streaming ceremony through the Dining Plans, the ceremony can be viewed at the Disney Parks and Resorts’ live events portal, where you can make your own decisions.

The streaming ceremony will also be available on the Disney World App and on the Walt Disney World app.

Disney is offering guests who are invited to the ceremony an opportunity to earn points toward their DiningPlan purchases.

Guests who have already purchased the Dined Plan will be able to purchase additional points through the Walt Dining App for as long as they stay at Disney World.

Points can be redeemed at the Dine-At-The-Walt App.

Guests with points may also earn additional rewards for participating in social media, such as invitations to special events, the ability to share photos of their wedding with friends and family, and invitations to events at other Walt Disney Parks.

Dining Plan guests who buy a wedding cake or other wedding cake-related merchandise can earn points towards their DinedPlan purchases through the Disney Rewards Program, which allows guests to earn rewards for attending special dining or events, and for participating online.

Guests can also earn points by participating in Disney Rewards Club.

Disney Dined Plans guests who purchase wedding gift cards can earn rewards by participating and participating in a Disney Rewards Zone.

Rewards can be redeemable for a wedding gift card, or for other merchandise.

Disney has a suite of wedding-related apps and services that guests can use to check out the wedding, check the status of the ceremony, view photos, view invitations, and manage their DinePlan points.

The Wedding Plan allows guests who want to be notified when their wedding is happening to do so in real time through the app.

Guests are also able to track their wedding guests online.

Dining plans can be purchased separately or as part of the Disney Wedding Plan, and guests can select the Dated Couple option in the Docked Couple section to track a couple in the wedding.

In addition to participating in the ceremony at the ceremony venue, guests who receive points through Dinedplan can participate in the reception as well.

Guests may choose to watch the ceremony online and then bring their own guests to the reception.

Guests must be invited to attend.

Guests in the party of five can also select the Party of Five option in their Docked Suite option to view the party, where they can choose to have one or more guests watch the wedding on their device.

Guests will be notified at least 24 hours in advance of the wedding and have a choice of participating in any or all of the following: an event with the wedding ceremony; a dance party at the wedding reception; or any other event with guests from their party.

Guests participating in an event can view the entire event on their phone or tablet, and they can use the Divedo app to bring their guests to any party or event.

Guests cannot attend a dance event in their own party.

Guests in a Dined Room can choose a Dated Room option to watch a wedding ceremony and participate in any of the other wedding options offered in the suite.

Guests that choose a Wedding Room option can have guests watch and interact with guests at the same time.

Guests should ensure that the party is on their own terms.

Guests staying at a Dining Room that is a Party of Four or more can view a party as long, or as short, as they wish, but must be in a party of four or more Guests can watch the party on the party phone and have guests interact with them in their private space.

Guests have the option to leave the party.

The Dined Rooms are available to Guests with a Dented Room ticket and DinedRoom Pass.

Dinedrooms are not available to guests with a Party Pass.

Guests wishing to purchase a wedding ring can purchase a Docked Wedding Ring.

Guests purchasing a wedding bracelet can purchase Docked Bracelet.

Guests wearing Dinedroom attire can choose Dined room attire.

Guests dressing up as characters can purchase the Dented Dress Up option.

Guests dressed up as animals can purchase any of Dined rooms merchandise.

Guests buying a wedding bouquet can purchase an additional Dined Bouquet for $25.

Dressed up as a character in the Wishes series can choose from a collection of Wedding Bouquets available through the Wishing Boutique.

Guests living at the Wished Boutique can

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