LONDON — In a recent poll, Catholics were overwhelmingly supportive of their faith in general and were particularly keen on the idea of a Catholic marriage ceremony, according to a poll conducted by Gallup.

Only 35 percent of Catholics said they were very or somewhat interested in the idea, while 55 percent were very interested, the poll found.

However, while 63 percent said they would be very interested in a wedding ceremony if it were offered to them, only 47 percent said it would be good for their marriage if it was offered to others.

Gallup asked people whether they were more likely to like the idea if offered to someone else, or not.

The poll found that people who were not Catholics were more supportive of a wedding that is conducted by someone else than those who were Catholic.

About one in five Catholics said the same.

Among Catholics who are not Catholic, the survey found that fewer than one in six are very or very interested.

The same number of Catholics are less interested in such a ceremony as the non-Catholic.

The poll also found that Catholic people were more willing to attend a wedding if offered than the non Catholic.

While a majority of Catholics say they are very interested and would be willing to be married by someone who is not Catholic or not a Catholic, less than half of them would be most interested in participating.

The Gallup poll found the same trend among Catholics who identify as Protestant.

Only 36 percent of Protestants said they are extremely or very likely to attend an event by someone not Catholic.

Only 28 percent of Protestant respondents said the event would be best for them if offered.

Also, only 32 percent of Catholic respondents said they’re very or fairly interested in attending a Catholic ceremony, while 54 percent of non-Catholics said they’d be most or very willing to participate.

The poll found Catholic people are more likely than non-religious people to say they’d like to participate in a Catholic-led wedding ceremony.

But while Catholics are more interested in receiving a Catholic religious wedding, the number of Catholic couples participating in weddings is less than one out of every six weddings.

A study conducted by Pew Research Center in 2013 found that nearly three-quarters of American adults believe that a religious wedding is better for the family and the nation.

About 73 percent of those surveyed believe a religious ceremony is better than a secular wedding, with nearly half saying it is better.

About a third of Americans think that a family wedding should be attended by one spouse.

And two-thirds of Americans say that the two of them should be married, according a 2015 survey by the Pew Research Centre.

But a separate Pew Research poll from March found that about one-third of Americans would prefer a religious or secular wedding.

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