The Korean wedding ceremonies were held at Seoul’s Yonsei University on April 15th, and many Koreans were shocked to see their countrymen get married in front of so many of their friends.

“This is my first time witnessing a Korean wedding in front my own eyes,” wrote Kim Min-hoon of Seoul.

“I’m shocked at the level of love and respect I have seen in this ceremony.”

The ceremony featured several Korean pop stars performing and the audience was also represented by a number of international celebrities.

“A few days ago I was surprised by the number of celebrities coming to see the ceremony,” wrote Sang Yoon-soo, a professor at Seoul National University, adding, “The event has brought a lot of people together and brought together some people who are not in close contact with each other.”

Kim was a student at Yonsein University when he started attending the ceremonies in his home country.

“When I was younger, I always thought I would not attend my parents’ wedding.

But now I’m glad I did,” he told NK News.

Korea’s marriage ceremonies have a long history, dating back to the Korean War, when they were used to show respect to soldiers in the Korean army.

It is not uncommon for a Korean couple to attend a Korean military wedding in the future.

A wedding ceremony is usually held at the same location every year.

A couple can also hold a wedding ceremony at their own home.

The wedding ceremonies for the first and third ceremonies are typically held on April 10th and 15th.

The fourth and fifth ceremonies take place on April 18th and 19th.

Source: Korea Daily News via NK News article

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