WASHINGTON — The shortest wedding ceremony in American history was performed in a rural town in the heart of California’s wine country Tuesday.

The wedding was held in a small chapel at the corner of a road and the road was blocked off by police.

The ceremony lasted about 20 minutes, with only the bride and groom wearing headscarves.

The bride’s father, who had been working at the ceremony, died before the ceremony was finished.

The groom and the bride walked in to the chapel, which was filled with people and was adorned with flowers and a wooden cross.

At a brief break, the bride said a prayer, before being led out of the chapel to a small stage.

There were about 30 people in the chapel when the bride stepped off the stage, which is surrounded by a curtain.

She had her head bowed, wearing a headscarf, a black veil, a red veil, and white shoes.

She then put her head on the ground and was seen kissing the ground before being carried into the chapel by the bride’s family members.

After the ceremony ended, the couple stood in a circle with their hands behind their backs, and kissed.

This was the shortest wedding in history in Los Angeles County, where the county has a population of nearly 50,000, according to the county’s official count.

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