A wedding ceremony is a moment that transforms the person you are.

It is an opportunity to be held in public space and have a private moment with your loved one.

The following wedding dress instructions may help you make a dress that will make the perfect wedding ceremony.


Choose a wedding dress that is both casual and formal.

You want your wedding dress to be as simple and elegant as possible, but don’t limit yourself to the simple styles.

Consider adding a skirt and/or strapless or chiffon dresses.

The longer the skirt, the more formal the look, but make sure you are able to wear it at a variety of heights.

For the most elegant look, add a skirt with a satin lining.


Choose your favorite colors.

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine bought her first dress online and wore it at her wedding in Paris.

Her favorite color was blue.


Measure your bust and waist.

You can measure your bust by using the measurements of a size 10, a medium or a large, and you can measure waist by measuring your waist from the fullest part of your waist to the widest part of the waist.

This helps you choose a dress to match your bust perfectly.


Decorate your dress with lace, pleated, or strapless fabric.

If you want to look stylish, wear lace on your dress, but if you’re not sure if the lace is flattering or not, you can also wear a lace veil or a white dress with white lace at the back.


Wear a matching veil or white dress at the front.


Add a skirt.

A skirt adds an extra layer of support to your dress.

This dress can also be fitted in the back, so make sure your skirt is longer than the dress itself.


Add accessories.

Accessories add an extra level of elegance to your wedding day.

You might wear a matching headband, a flower, ornaments, and/ ornament accessories.

You could also add a bracelet or a necklace to the end of the dress.

For an added touch of fun, you could also choose a bracelet to hang on the back of your dress or attach to a flower.

For more tips on choosing a wedding day dress, visit Wedding Dress Style.

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