A giant asteroid could soon become a planet – with an asteroid belt stretching from Australia to the Earth’s poles.

It would be the first time that an object has been spotted in a belt of gas and dust.

NASA says the asteroid could be a dwarf planet and the belt is around 300 light years in diameter.

But what is it made of?

Asteroid belt: What is it like?

It’s a very dense gas and the moon is one of its main components.

What is the history of the asteroid belt?

The asteroid belt is a vast region of the solar system, stretching from Mars to Jupiter.

Its name comes from the Greek words for the stars in Greek mythology.

The name means “a belt of space”.

How much is an asteroid going to weigh?

An asteroid can be thought of as an enormous blob of gas, which is actually a gas and an asteroid is a gas.

How big is it?

Its estimated to be between 100 and 400 kilometres in diameter and it is thought to be around 1.3 billion kilometres in length.

Who knows how big it is?

It is believed that an asteroid could have as many as six planets orbiting around it.

An ancient comet, called Proxima Centauri, orbits close to the star.

Could it be a moon?

Yes, a moon could be in the asteroid belts.

A large asteroid is likely to form a moon, because the gravity of the gas and water makes it sink into the surface of the moon.

Why does an asteroid seem to be drifting in space?

Because asteroids are small objects, orbiting far away.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption An asteroid is thought not to have much mass but has a much larger orbit than the Earth

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