A wedding ceremony at a Florida county courthouse, in a small town in rural Florida, has become the national symbol of the wedding season.

The ceremony, which has drawn national media attention in recent weeks, took place at the Pinellas County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida. 

In the past week, the event has been attended by celebrities including the likes of Beyonce, Jay Z and Taylor Swift. 

“This is a beautiful and beautiful ceremony,” Beyonce told reporters after the ceremony.

“The people are here and it’s just so wonderful to have them.”

The ceremony has drawn praise from celebrities including Jay Z, who performed the wedding ceremony. 

“[This] is what we love about this country,” the rapper said.

“It’s our celebration and it is our time to celebrate.”

The event also drew criticism from people who felt it was disrespectful to some of the country’s most prominent women.

“I’m a white woman, but I think that’s an insult to my race and I think it’s a slap in the face to the African American community,” a woman who was a judge at the wedding told the local NBC affiliate, WKMG-TV. 

The Florida Supreme Court ruled last week that the event violated the state constitution by allowing “an event of this nature to be held” in the county, which was “a historic location and a historic location for its time”.

The Florida legislature voted to take away the county’s authority over weddings in May, and this week a county judge ruled that the county could still have jurisdiction over the event, even if the event was held in another county.

The decision means that the ceremony in Pinellos is a state-sanctioned event and cannot be held outside the county.

“The county is going to have full authority over what happens here,” the judge said. 

However, he added that the judge “did not intend to allow any event to be allowed to take place anywhere else”.

“I am not going to sit back and let it happen,” he added. 

This week’s court order is the latest in a long string of rulings in which the county has been trying to force the county to allow weddings outside of the county boundaries.

The US supreme court is currently considering a case that would allow same-sex marriages to take effect in California, where same-lock marriage is currently legal.

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