India’s Mahatama Gandhi memorial is expected to be transformed into a new musical tribute on Monday night, with an iconic tune set to be played.

Key points:A solemn ceremony will mark the centenary of Mahatam Gandhi’s birthOn Monday, the National Anthem will be played in the park and a live band will be performingIt is the first time the Mahatamas have been honoured in this way since the family moved to the country in 1901After years of controversy over the song’s lyrics, the Government on Tuesday approved the music for the event and agreed to provide the venue, a venue that was initially slated for a church, with soundproof speakers.

The ceremony will be held at the National Stadium in New Delhi, which was originally intended to be a church but has now been renamed Mahatas Park.

The song, which features an all-India chorus, is expected play in the National stadium on Monday evening, at the invitation of the organisers.

It is a symbolic ceremony in honour of a figure who was India’s first prime minister and its first head of state.

Mahatma Mahatmas song, “Kabhi” is also expected to play at the event, with a live choir, a musical theme and a band playing.

The Mahatms’ home was initially built on a plot in the heart of the capital.

However, it was eventually changed to a park in 1914, after the family returned to India.

The music for this event will be composed by an all India chorus of around 30 performers and the song will be sung by all the musicians.

It will be a rare event for the Mahatis to perform the Maha music, which is revered by many Indians, and has been used by all major political parties since its introduction in 1902.

The lyrics, which are a mixture of Hindu and Muslim, were written by the late M.K. Krishna, who was the father of Mahatslam, or “Great Guru”.

“This song was sung by the Mahas at the birth of Mahattams son, M. K. Krishna.

It is sung by Mahats for the first birth of every child born to the family.

It was sung in honour for the birth, not only of M. B. K., but also for all of his family members, for whom he was the first and last Guru,” the song reads.”

It is sung in all parts of the country, and by all kinds of musicians.

The music is the song of peace and harmony in the world,” it adds.”

The lyrics are not about the individual or his political views, but about the eternal mission of the family, the mission of freedom and the mission that all humanity must fulfil for the welfare of the entire human race.

This is a song of the Mahats.”

As we have all learned from the Mahattas, music is one of the most powerful means of showing solidarity, of expressing love, of celebrating our achievements and our victories and our triumphs,” the concert organisers said in a statement.

The band, the Chhota Birla Orchestra, has also been chosen to perform, and will also be the main performers at the ceremony.

The venue, which had been previously used for religious services, will be transformed to a venue for the concert.

The venue will be fitted with sound-proof speakers, and the venue’s entrance will be made accessible to the public.

The event is being organised by the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), a private institution that was set up to organise the event.”

We have been working closely with the organisers of the event for many months.

This event is a significant event for India and the world, and we are proud to be part of it,” NCPA President Suresh Rajaraman said in the statement.”

This is the second time the National Maha Orchestra has performed a traditional ceremony in this location, and there is no doubt that it will be an outstanding occasion,” he added.

The National Mahatams have been given the honour of hosting a funeral ceremony in the first place.

In 1901, the Mahamats moved from their birthplace in Calcutta to a nearby hilltop village in New Calcutte, in what was then the state of Punjab.

The Mahats were given the title of “the Maha People” and were allowed to live in the village for the next 30 years.

However, their son, B.J.B., became the first head minister of India in 1905, and after his death in 1923, his son, V.N.N., was appointed the country’s first head prime minister.

The family moved in 1912 to a new home in New York, where they had to move into the state capitol.

However in 1921, the State of India granted them the title “Mahats” and in 1927, they moved

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