The groom and the bride in the ‘The Big Bang Theory’ wedding last year.

(Courtesy of CBS Studios)The wedding ceremony took place in the summer of 2019 at the Four Seasons in New York City, and CBS Studios has released a new video of it that shows just how awkward it was for everyone involved.

The wedding was a huge success, but it’s hard to take away from just how bizarre the wedding ceremony turned out to be.

The groom, Matt Czuchry, and his bride, Jaimie Brinkley, were on their honeymoon in Hawaii when the wedding dress came in and she was asked to take off her wedding band, which she was wearing.

She did, but the band was ripped off and they had to replace it.

The groom, whose name was misspelled on the gown, asked her to get dressed and the two of them went to the back of the theater to prepare.

The wedding director told them to wait for the groom to get there so he could get his dress on.

The bride and groom went to wait in line, but he was already there and there was no way they could have taken off their wedding band.

When he got there, he was shocked to find out that she had been wearing the wrong wedding band!

“There’s a band in there that was ripped, so it’s not going to fit right,” he said to his bride.

The director told him to put on a new one.

The bride had the band taken off and the groom and his wife then proceeded to have their wedding ceremony.

The newlyweds were wearing different wedding gowns and it was pretty awkward.

“I was actually pretty upset because we were supposed to get married in this white dress and I couldn’t wear it.

It was kind of like a circus,” said the bride, who is originally from Kentucky.CBS Studios said the wedding had been a big hit with the guests and the reception at the wedding was “amazing.””

The reception was absolutely beautiful,” the bride told CBS.

“The people who were there were so kind and so wonderful.”

The bride said the reception was an “amaze” experience.

She said she was surprised at how many guests had stayed for their photos with her and the other bride’s parents.

“We all were so happy,” she said.

The bridesmaids, who were all dressed to the nines, had a very fun time with the groom.

The entire ceremony was recorded for future use, CBS said, and it’s still available on YouTube.

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