The world’s first “virtual wedding” ceremony is set to take place on September 16 in the United States.

It will be held in the US, with a live broadcast being broadcast to the US audience.

The ceremony will be the first to take the format used in traditional weddings, with the traditional ceremony taking place on a stage with live music and dancing.

According to a press release, the ceremony will feature an array of celebrity guests including US president Barack Obama, US Secretary of State John Kerry, and US Senator Ted Cruz, and the host will be former US President George W Bush.

“We’ve created this event that allows the public to see the reality of what is really happening behind the scenes and what is happening during the wedding,” said Ryan Kennedy, the creator of the event.

The online event page for the event says: “The day of the virtual wedding is the biggest and most exciting time of the year for those of us who have never married.”

“We’re giving the public a peek into the future, and it’s all part of our plan to create a virtual wedding where people can come together to celebrate life and love as it really is,” said Kennedy.

“When you think of your wedding, what comes to mind?

A beautiful ceremony with your loved ones?

Or the reality that it is all about you and your unique and special story?””

This event is the next evolution of traditional weddings,” Kennedy said.”

The digital wedding, which we’re calling the ‘virtual wedding’, allows the audience to be there, participate in the moment, and watch as the real event takes place.””

Our intention is to bring together our community, and to do it in a way that doesn’t distract from the real, which is what you’re celebrating,” he said.ABC News’ Alex Bowers contributed to this report.

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