Some wedding ceremonies have been called “wacky” or “funny” but others are simply incredible.

Here are some of the most bizarre wedding ceremonies around the world.

What is the craziest wedding ceremony around the globe?


The Japanese tradition of the “Wakaba” ceremony in which participants wear a wheelchair, sit in a circle, and eat rice and kimchi.

The word Wakaba means “wheelchair” in Japanese.

This traditional Japanese ceremony has become so popular it has even inspired its own dance, the Wakaba Dance.


The Chinese tradition of placing guests in a wheelchair and having them eat a rice-based meal, known as the “Fuku” (抹知) ceremony.

The words “Fuku” (叹) are pronounced like “fu” and means “eating”.


The traditional Chinese wedding ceremony in Beijing, where guests are seated in chairs and the bride sits on the groom’s lap.

The bride, in turn, sits on a horse.


The Hindu wedding ceremony is in the tradition of sitting in a bowl of rice, and the groom eats a small piece of rice.

The groom then eats the entire bowl of food.

The bowls are usually filled with a lot of food and usually include meat.


The American traditional wedding ceremony has guests sitting on a stool and eating a traditional meal.


The Dutch tradition of dancing in a chair is called “Rijksmaan” (pronounced “Rin-smaan”) which is pronounced “Roo-kah-koo” in Dutch.

This ceremony is very popular in the Netherlands.


The Vietnamese wedding ceremony was created in the late 19th century to honor a famous Vietnamese artist and has been widely practiced in Vietnam for over 100 years.


The Thai wedding ceremony originated in Thailand and involves a traditional dance that involves a woman seated in a wheelchair and a man standing on her lap.


The South African traditional ceremony is based on a traditional South African dance called the “Sarafat” or the “Shoot”.


The Indian wedding ceremony involves a large group of people sitting in chairs, eating rice, drinking a beer and dancing.


The Indonesian wedding ceremony takes place in a small hut and the participants are seated around a table.


The Portuguese wedding ceremony consists of two small groups of people eating small bowls of rice and drinking a drink.


The Roman wedding ceremony incorporates a traditional Roman dance called “Cerulean”, which is also called “Tacitus” in Latin.


The Scottish wedding ceremony includes people sitting on chairs and dancing around a fire.


The French wedding ceremony calls for people to sit in chairs on a table, then they drink a small bottle of wine.


The Irish wedding ceremony called “Aulafháin” means “Wedding of a Man and Woman” and is performed by people seated in small chairs.


The Greek wedding ceremony combines a traditional Greek dance called Kratos, which is often known as “Olympic Games”, with a traditional ceremony called Kallikapalou or “Wings of Kratotis”.


The Brazilian wedding ceremony uses a traditional Brazilian dance called Rorôa and includes a small group of participants sitting in small bowls and eating kimchee.


The Korean wedding ceremony utilizes a traditional Korean traditional dance called Daehyun.


The Romanian wedding ceremony features a large gathering of people standing in front of a large fire, which takes the form of a circle with people sitting down in front.


The Ukrainian wedding ceremony requires that people sit in small pots with food.


The Russian wedding ceremony also includes people seated around the fire and eating the food they have gathered.


The Nigerian wedding ceremony begins with a small gathering of participants and a small basket filled with kimchys and rice.


The Italian wedding ceremony will involve a small ceremony called a “Vidiare” or traditional wedding dance that is also known as a “Pizza” in Italian.


The New Zealand wedding ceremony starts with a “Tonga” ceremony where guests sit in the middle of a pool of water and drink water from a small trough.


The British wedding ceremony follows a similar format as the Brazilian one.


The Danish wedding ceremony ends with a large circle of people in front with food and water on a plate.


The Swiss wedding ceremony does not involve the traditional bride and groom sitting in the bride’s lap but instead includes a giant “Siegfried” (a man with a golden bow) and the “Bruno” (woman with a bow).


The Filipino wedding ceremony focuses on a large crowd and a giant gold ball that contains a lot more food than usual.


The Lebanese wedding ceremony can

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