Kauaians are getting married in a ceremony that will involve many different things and different ceremonies.

You can read all about the ceremony here.

Here are some things you should know before you get married:What is Handfastening?

Handfasting is a ceremony where two people get married to each other.

The ceremony usually takes place at a temple or at a ceremony site, where a priest officiates.

You and your spouse can both go through a short ceremony, but the priest will officiate.

In addition, if the ceremony is held at a local park, you can have a ceremony in a nearby park.

Here’s how it works: The ceremony starts with a handfasting, a ritual that includes a brief prayer.

You then have a wedding party.

The two couples can then start their wedding ceremony.

After you and your partner go through the ceremony, you and the groom may come together for a short break in the middle of the ceremony.

You get to sit and talk about your wedding, while the bride and groom share a kiss.

The bride and her groom then get married, and you and both get to go through all the ceremony steps together.

You can learn more about handfastings in Hawaii.

There are different types of ceremonies in the state of Hawaii.

You may be able to find a handfrosting ceremony or handfastning ceremony program that will suit you.

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