A court in India has annulled the wedding ceremony for a man and his partner after his family said he had been tortured during his arrest.

The man was arrested at the Delhi airport in November last year after allegedly throwing stones at a police officer.

His wife was detained along with the couple for five days.

The couple were accused of “abandoning” their child.

After a hearing on Monday, a magistrate ruled that the man had been unlawfully detained, but it was not immediately clear whether the ruling would be overturned.

The court ordered the man and wife to remarry but also told them to get medical advice if they wanted to get married.

The judge said the family’s lawyer had argued that the husband was tortured during the arrest and should be kept under police custody for seven days.

“The court was convinced that the defendant was being tortured.

We do not think he is in any danger.

The court had taken the view that it was possible that he could be tortured,” the magistrate said.

The magistrate said he did not want to impose any punishment on the couple.

The woman said in a statement that the court had “not taken into consideration the fact that the family of the defendant has not got any compensation”.

“We are happy to get engaged to a man of our choice and we are happy with our marriage.

We would not be able to get a divorce without the help of the court,” she said.

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