From the 1930’s to the present, women have worn wedding gowns that have become an enduring symbol of modern American womanhood.

But the American wedding industry has largely ignored the fashion for a more modern look, a trend that some have dubbed “trendy wedding gown.”

Now, a couple of designers have found a way to rekindle that movement, with a dress from 1930s vintage that can be bought online for $50.

The dress, made from an 1890s silk silk wedding dress with a small lace neckline, has a slim waistline and a neckline that is almost exactly the same as the modern wedding gown, with the same sheer lace.

The designer who made it, Rachel Dickson, has since launched the brand.

“I wanted to create something that would be a modern take on an older trend,” she said.

“We wanted something that was modern enough to not feel like it was an ’80s look.”

The dress is made from a vintage silk wedding gown with a lace neck line.

Rachel Denton, Rachel’s mother, said she was inspired by the traditional elegance of old-fashioned wedding dresses that had a traditional shape, while also honoring the modernity of the dress.

The original silk wedding dresses were made of a mixture of silk and cotton fabric.

They were very soft, she said, and that makes them so appealing.

“It’s a very traditional style, which makes it really interesting to create an original wedding dress that is not just the same old thing, but that’s actually new,” she added.

“The lace, the neckline and the waistline are all totally different.”

The bride in the 1930 vintage wedding dress.

(Courtesy Rachel Dinton) The designers who made the dress said they took inspiration from the 1920s and 1930s and from the dresses that were on sale at department stores in the day, with lace trim and a simple lace design.

“They were very modern in the way they designed,” said Dickson.

“That was kind of our inspiration for this one.”

The designers said the gown’s lace trim, which was originally a combination of silk, satin and gold, was more of a signature style of the era than anything else.

“There’s something very elegant about it, and it’s so very modern,” Denton said.

The designers did not say exactly how much the dress would cost, but the online sale has already raised more than $30,000 for the project.

It has already attracted attention from fashion journalists, including Glamour, who called it “a modern wedding dress in a vintage era.”

The dresses are available at Denton’s site,

Dickson’s wedding dress is from the 1890s, which has become a popular dress of late, according to the company’s website.

“This dress is a great choice for a modern bride, and is a very flattering fit for a tall figure and the curves of a woman of good height,” it said.

Denton added that the lace trim is “a lovely touch that really captures the elegance and the femininity of the style.”

Denton and Dickson were inspired to create the dress by a friend who made a custom wedding dress for her sister and her husband.

The fabric is “the perfect blend of silk with gold and gold lace,” Dickson said.

They have been selling the dress for more than a year, and they have a limited run of about 50, but she said they are working to expand.

“Our mission is to make it a big deal, because it is so special,” she told the AP.

“Hopefully people will be interested in it, because this is such an iconic dress.”

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