The coronaviral pandemic has spread like wildfire through much of the world, but in Kenya, the outbreak has killed more than half of the country’s population. 

A coronaviruses-free country that prides itself on its religious traditions, Kenyans have been in constant fear of the virus. 

They are particularly alarmed by the rise of new strains of coronavireptid, which can cause death from pneumonia and a host of other serious infections.

Kenyans were given a coronaviroscopic test, and were put on a daily schedule of vaccinations.

A government survey found that 76% of people have heard of the new strain of coronvirus, while 20% have heard about the ABO blood group and 16% have seen an outbreak of the coronviral variant B12.

More: There are a number of measures being taken to protect people, including installing protective masks and washing hands after handling contaminated food.

But the virus is spreading at an alarming rate.

A recent study showed that the number of new cases in the country had increased by more than 10% in just a week.

More: The virus has also spread to the south of the capital, Nairobi, where more than 300 people have been infected with the strain.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said last week that the rate of coronovirus infections in Kenya was higher than in all other countries except the US, Canada and the UK.

WHO spokeswoman Maria van der Hoeven said the virus was spreading rapidly, and the country was struggling to contain the outbreak.

“We are concerned about the rapid spread of coronocarcinosis and are monitoring the situation in a holistic way,” she said.

 The country’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta, has said he was worried about the impact of the pandemic on the country.

He has said that people should be aware of their health and not to drink alcohol or take medicines that can worsen the symptoms of the disease.

But a WHO official told The Associated Press last week there had been no major outbreaks of coronacids in Kenya.

And while the virus has been killing many people in the south, Kenya’s government has been able to contain it in other areas of the south and central parts of the province.

In recent weeks, many Kenyas have been forced to abandon their homes and businesses to seek shelter from the virus in temporary settlements.

People have been moving into temporary buildings and businesses, and there have been reports of people fleeing to neighbouring countries, including China, India and Indonesia.

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