You may have noticed that in recent years there’s been a lot of talk about the cost of a wedding, especially for couples in a big city.

And that’s not entirely true.

Wedding costs are a lot cheaper in big cities than in smaller ones, according to the most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). 

The ONS reports that wedding costs in London, the capital of England and Wales, are about £50,000, while the cost in the capital’s other big cities is more like £45,000.

In other words, a wedding is cheaper in London than it is in the bigger cities of the north, south and east.

The ONT also estimates that a wedding will cost more in a major city like Liverpool than in a small city like Hull.

So while a wedding might cost a bit more in some places, the money spent is usually more than what’s being spent in the smaller cities.

Wedding venues in big towns And in some big cities, there are more than a few places you can get married. 

A wedding in Birmingham might cost around £45. 

For instance, the wedding in St. Thomas’s, in Birmingham’s north-east, is being billed at £100,000 and is scheduled for March 19.

Wedding ceremonies in Coventry are starting to get booked and you’ll find it’s likely to cost you more than £100k.

A wedding in Leicester is expected to cost around a half-million pounds, while a reception in Newcastle will cost around two million pounds.

And weddings in Cardiff, in the north-west of England, will probably be a little more expensive, although you might not get that much money.

What about the rest of the country?

While weddings in major cities are cheaper, the prices are still going up in other parts of the UK.

A recent study by consultancy firm Savills suggests the cost per wedding ceremony in London is now about £60,000 a year, while it’s only around £25,000 in the rest-of-the-country.

Wedding prices in Scotland are also rising, as are prices in the south-east of England.

It’s worth noting that a big part of the increase in wedding costs can be attributed to the fact that wedding venues are opening up and people are spending more money in the big cities. 

The most recent data from the National Statistics Office showed that the cost to run a wedding ceremony at a wedding venue in England is now just £2,000 per wedding, while in Wales it’s around £6,000 – so the cost for a wedding at a smaller venue is still around £30,000 at the moment.

The cost to have a wedding reception in a smaller town is also going up, as is the cost associated with getting married in a larger city.

You can find out more about wedding costs from the ONS. 

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