The Sydney Anglican Church wedding venue for a Christian wedding is a matter of personal preference, with some churches choosing to hold their ceremonies at a larger venue while others choose to host their ceremonies on a smaller stage.

Here’s a breakdown of the best wedding venues for a wedding in Sydney.


Church wedding venues with an urban setting The Sydney church wedding venues listed below all feature urban settings, such as a hotel or a large city centre.


Church weddings with more than one venue The Sydney wedding venue with the most wedding venues is the Sydney Anglicans, with 16 venues listed on the Church Wedding Register.

It is also the venue with more weddings than any other Anglican church in the country, with 29 venues.

The church wedding format is more common in the Southern Highlands, Western Highlands, and the Northern Rivers, with the Sydney Episcopal Church the only Anglican congregation that does not hold an outdoor wedding.

The Sydney Episcopal church has held their weddings in the Sydney Opera House.


Church-owned venues with a large social function The Sydney churches listed below have large social functions.

They are not necessarily church-owned, but they do have the option of holding their weddings at an Anglican wedding venue, such a church-run event centre or church hall.


Churches with small wedding venues The largest number of church weddings in Sydney are held at the Sydney Cathedral, which is a church building with around 300 rooms and a cathedral hall.

These weddings are not typically held outdoors.

The Anglican Churches of NSW has a number of smaller churches, including the Sydney Reformed Church, which has just two weddings held outdoors on a church hall floor.

The Church of the Sacred Heart is the largest Anglican Anglican chapel in Sydney and the Sydney Pentecostal Church has two weddings on its church hall’s roof.

The Melbourne Anglican and the Australian Anglican churches are both in the Greater Sydney area, with a total of 21 weddings held on their church halls and churches.


Churches that have a variety of wedding venues There are a number different wedding venues in the Anglican Communion, including church halls, wedding halls, church buildings, and other small churches.

Churches in these areas are able to host weddings as part of their regular services, and weddings are often held on a small stage, or in a small auditorium.


Churches without a wedding venue In the Anglicans only church wedding formats, weddings are held indoors at a church.

They do not usually have large weddings outdoors.


Churches offering wedding services at a large venue The largest weddings in NSW are held on the AnglicAN Church’s Church Hall Floor.

There are no large weddings at the Anglicannual or Anglican Annual Events venues.


Churches and wedding venues that cater for large groups The majority of weddings in Australia are held outdoors, with weddings being held in church halls or other small venues.

Wedding venues for weddings in churches are not always large.


Churches catering for a specific wedding The churches listed here are not churches that hold a wedding for a particular wedding, but have wedding venues where wedding services are held for that particular wedding.


Churches serving wedding services in their own buildings The Sydney Pentacostal and the Western Sydney Anglicannian churches both offer wedding services inside their own churches.


Churches hosting weddings on church premises Churches are not allowed to serve wedding services outdoors.

This does not mean that they do not hold weddings indoors, but it does mean that weddings cannot be held outdoors without permission from the church.

The Perth and the Adelaide Anglican have churches that are permitted to host wedding services on their own church grounds.


Churches not hosting weddings Outside weddings can be held in churches, or other churches that have church halls.

Churches can also provide wedding services for the public outside of their churches.


Churches holding weddings on private property The Anglicans own the property on which their wedding services will be held, so they have the right to hold weddings outside their own property.

The Metropolitan of Melbourne is the Anglicanism representative for the State of Victoria.


Churches which provide outdoor wedding services Some churches offer weddings outdoors on private properties.

The Churches of the National Anglican Synod and the National Council of Churches in Australia do not have a specific policy about outdoor weddings, but the National Churches of Australia do have a policy regarding wedding services that are held in their churches, and are located outside their churches in the State.


Churches participating in the Great Weekend Event The Great Weekend event is held every year on the last Sunday in September to celebrate Australia’s 150th birthday.

Churches are allowed to hold outdoor weddings outdoors, and they can also hold weddings outdoors during the Great Saturday event, which falls on the final Saturday in September.

There is no legal restriction on the size of weddings held outside a church during the events, so weddings can take place on any premises where it is legal to do so. 16.

Churches accepting wedding invitations and invitations for wedding receptions The NSW Anglican Bishop of Christ, Bishop

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