The White House has released new wedding photos of the newlyweds and their children.

The White House said the images are based on an original “wedding album” created by the couple’s photographer, and the images will be made available to the public in their entirety this Thursday.

The new photos are based around the nuptial ceremony at the newlywed Biden’s family home in Connecticut.

The family is pictured in a traditional African-American ceremony, while the president, his wife and their two children are seen seated at the ceremony table.

The president and first lady are seen wearing a formal gown and holding hands while they stand in the middle of the living room, the White House announced on its official Facebook page.

They are also seen holding hands during the ceremony, which was held in front of a large fireplace, and are joined by their children, Jill Biden and Joe Biden Jr., who is sitting at the president’s side.

The pair were accompanied by their daughter, Grace.

The photos also feature the couple as they make their way down the aisle, with the couple holding hands as they arrive at the altar.

In the wedding album, the Bidens, with their children standing in front, are shown at the top of the home’s steps, with Joe Biden, his son, Joe Biden Sr., Jill Biden, and their son, Jill Jr., all seated at different levels.

At the bottom of the steps, a group of young children are shown, with Jill Biden seated at a small table with the president and his wife, and Joe Jr. seated next to the president.

The first family is also shown in a photo of the house, with a family member seated in front and Joe Sr. seated at his father’s side, sitting down to eat lunch with his mother.

The Bidens are joined on the table by Jill Biden Jr. and Joe Pence Sr., who are both seated in the same spot as the couple.

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