What’s the shortest wedding ceremony?

While there’s no definitive answer to that question, one can’t help but wonder if a bride and groom are going to have to walk the groom down the aisle in a hurry.

That’s because a shorter ceremony is generally better for the bride and her family, as it doesn’t require the groom to stand, tie a knot, or carry out the entire ceremony.

It’s also easier on the groom’s back, which is why he can do most of the legwork, such as removing the wedding dress and trimming the bride’s hair.

For more on wedding ceremony length, check out our infographic.

The shortest wedding ceremonies We’ve found that a groom can usually perform the ceremony in a few minutes, but some couples are going through a wedding without a groom.

The most popular wedding ceremonies are usually two-minute, five-minute or 20-minute ceremonies, which require a groom to carry out some of the ceremony himself.

Some wedding ceremonies that are longer than this are the ones performed in a reception room, where a groom is able to do the rest of the preparations and provide his signature.

We’re looking at some of these ceremonies in the video below.

We can’t be sure of their accuracy, but we’re happy to say that all of them are much shorter than what we found in our survey.

Wedding ceremony length infographic

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