When: February 23rd, 2019Where: The Ballroom, The Ballhouse, The Royal Albert Hall, Buckingham Palace, London, EnglandTime: 8:00pmVenue: The Royal BallroomEvent details:The wedding of sindhhar and Bhagwan Bhagwati will take place at Buckingham Palace in a wedding ceremony on February 23, 2019.

The sindhya bride is the youngest bride ever to be married in the West, and the only one to marry in a traditional Hindu ceremony.

It was an auspicious occasion, with the groom giving a short sermon to the audience before his bride was wed.

The groom said that he and his bridegroom had chosen the groom to be the siddhar, the spiritual leader of their community.

“It is very important that our ceremony should be a ceremony of the sinner, a ceremony where we come together, where we are together as brothers and sisters,” he said.

“We are not here for the ceremony, but for the journey.

We come together as Hindus.

We are here to show the world the love of India.

We do not come here for our own sake.”

As the bridegrooms procession passed the altar, a small group of Hindu protesters gathered and formed a human chain around the bride.

“The siddhars and I will make the sambh gurbani, the human chain,” he added.

The crowd of hundreds chanted: “Hindu bridegift!”

“Hindu groom, Hindu bridegifting!”

“We will show the love that India has to its citizens, and to us,” he continued.

The ceremony was followed by a standing ceremony of blessing.

The crowd was encouraged to pray for the bride, to recite a hymn and to sing “Brahman bhi maha” (the Divine Power is With Us).

The ceremony came just weeks after a similar event took place in India, in which the bride and groom, Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Arjun Dev Bhadrakumar, were married.

According to The Hindu, the ceremony was conducted in a Hindu temple, which had a larger audience than any other.

The ceremony was also attended by members of the Sikh community, as well as the members of Bajrang Dal, a Hindu nationalist group.

The Hindu’s report said that the audience was a mix of members of all faiths.

The event has drawn mixed reactions on social media, with some saying the ceremony should not have taken place at all.

“Hindus should not marry Hindus at all,” one person commented.

“There should be no such thing as a wedding in the Hindu community,” another said.

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