The Hawaii wedding is underway, and the country is still in a state of limbo.

A federal judge granted Hawaii’s request for a temporary restraining order Wednesday that prevents the federal government from enforcing a new law banning same-sex marriages in the state.

The new law, which was signed in June, also requires couples who are married in other states to obtain a permit to get married elsewhere.

The Supreme Court will review the case next week.

Hawaii Gov.

David Ige and other state officials have said they plan to keep the state’s borders open.

Read more: Haitian wedding: It’s time to unite, Ige says at event in Hawaii, with gay couple celebrating, as well as a photo gallery of reactions from around the world:Hawaii: The wedding ceremony is underway and the government is still stuck in limbo, but we’re making progress, Igemi said.

Hawaii Gov.

Dan Ige speaks at the Hawaii Capitol on June 16, 2020.

We’re moving forward, Igeni said at a ceremony held at the State House.

Ige said that he and his wife, Hilda, are preparing for a wedding ceremony on July 2 in Honolulu.

As a result of the court ruling, Hawaii’s newly-elected governor, David Igemis, said that marriage is now legal for heterosexual couples in Hawaii.

The U.S. Supreme Court has yet to rule on the constitutionality of Hawaii’s new law.

The justices are scheduled to hear arguments next week on whether the state can continue to operate a civil marriage ceremony for same-gender couples after they’re married.

Hamburg: Gay marriage, a year after Germany’s ruling, is still a problem in Germany, as the city of Hamburg prepares for the beginning of the celebration of a new marriage in the city on July 8.

At a gay pride rally held in Hamburg, Mayor Stefanie Bader said that she was not surprised by the ruling.

The city had a gay wedding ceremony last year, and then came a year and a half ago, she said.

She said that the city will now start to look at whether other municipalities in the country will follow suit.

Marriages have been legal in Hamburg since the fall of 2014, when a Hamburg city council voted to allow same-dying marriages.

Since then, the city has faced protests by people who said they are unhappy that the ceremony was held in a city that does not have any such ceremonies.

After the city voted to start a new civil union, the state of Bavaria came to the rescue.

Its government announced it would begin allowing same-aged couples to marry in other German cities on June 25.

Hamburg is among several cities in the German state that are planning to allow weddings for same sex couples, and it will not take a long time before the rest of Germany follows suit.

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