A big deal. 

What’s a big story? 

It’s when your wedding is seen as a celebration of life rather than an occasion for a big day, such as a big family reunion or a celebration for your significant other.

It’s when the ceremony is held in front of a large crowd, usually in a public place and often in front the bride and groom. 

A wedding that’s not a big event could cause confusion if it doesn’t include some big news. 

Is it a big party? 


Can I dress up? 

I would love to dress up, but this is an event for couples. 

Do I need to buy anything? 

There’s nothing to buy. 

Are there flowers or candles? 


Will I be able to have an outdoor reception? 

Theres no need to have a reception in a park, even though it might be quieter and cooler outside. 

Where can I find a wedding planner? 

If you’re looking for a planner, you should look at the wedding website.

If you want to see more information about the ceremony, you can also find a list of all of the venues and a list for the groom and the bride. 

If your planning is for a couple, you’ll need to speak to the groom’s or the bride’s local counsellor. 

Should I ask the groom to do something? 

In the event of a major event, a lot of couples are not sure what to do and there are times when they want to be sure that everyone is doing their best. 

How do I tell the groom I want to make the ceremony special? 

When you are ready to tell the ceremony to the wedding guests, you need your planning to be clear and concise. 

You need to say, “You will have to dress to the standards of your groom.” 

The same goes for the wedding planner. 

There are times that you might want to have the wedding to look special, such an event as a family reunion. 

The groom and bride should be able in good faith to agree to the dress and the theme of the ceremony. 

They should be asked to sign an agreement that they will do this for their wedding. 

I’ve already planned my wedding.

What should I do? 

You should tell your planning company if you want your wedding to be special. 

Here are some things to consider when you decide to make an exception for your special occasion: The dress is going to be a traditional wedding dress. 

In many countries, a traditional dress is considered more appropriate for a special occasion, especially for the first few days. 

Some countries allow for a traditional, “soul-stylised” wedding dress for the second or third days.

 If your dress is too “traditional” for a wedding, you may want to reconsider the wedding date and dress.

The bride should have the opportunity to dress in a more traditional, non-traditional wedding dress, or dress in something that is not traditional for a first time. 

It would be best to ask your local counsellor about a wedding dress that is suitable for a certain occasion. 

Wedding venues can vary greatly.

Some may not be very accessible and will not allow you to go in.

Some will only allow you in if you bring your own dress.

It is also worth considering whether the wedding venue will be open for weddings, which can be expensive. 

Other venues, such a reception or a reception hall, may be open, but you may not have the option to dress your guests in a traditional style. 

Many venues allow you the option of dressing up. 

Even though the dress is very traditional, you might be able get away with something a little more casual for a casual reception. 

Please note that the dress may not always be perfect for a particular occasion.

You should always check the venue and see what they recommend. 

Who should I call if I have any questions? 

Depending on the wedding planning company, your wedding planner may ask you to attend an appointment with the wedding director. 

When do I have to leave? 

As long as the wedding is going on and you are happy with the details, you will not need to leave. 

Have I agreed to wear the dress? 

This is important, because the dress you wear must be suitable for the occasion.

It should be appropriate for your body type, height, weight and your gender. 

Does it have to be custom made? 

A lot of venues will have a dress that has been made specifically for your wedding.

If this is not the case, you must make arrangements to do this. 

Why do I need an appointment to wear my dress? 

 Many people find that they want the dress made by a particular designer. 

This means that if your dress looks different,

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