The year 2016 has seen a dramatic shift in the traditional definition of marriage, with celebrities now taking the plunge into one.

The term was originally coined by the British historian Richard Evans in the 1920s, which meant that it was only a step away from legal marriage.

The term, which Evans believed was already in widespread use, meant that if a man and a woman got married, the marriage would be recognized as a legal union.

But as more and more people embraced the term, the traditional concept of marriage began to evolve, with more and better definitions coming out of the West.

It was during this time that marriage became an institution, and celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Beyonce have all been married in public.

While some celebrities have publicly stated that they have been married to one another in public, they have also been more circumspect when it comes to saying that they were legally married.

Many of the celebrities that have publicly said they were married include Nick Jonas, Chris Pratt, Ben Affleck, Kevin Hart, Ryan Seacrest, and more.

However, not all of them have gone as far as saying that their marriages were legally recognised.

Miley Cyrus, for instance, told the Daily Mail in January that she is not legally married to Nick Jonas.

“I am not legally wed to him,” she said.

“I have been in a relationship for almost nine years.”

In 2015, a report by The Economist suggested that celebrities were less accepting of marriage equality.

The report also stated that the idea of legal marriage was being pushed as far back as the 1920, when the term “marriage” was still considered a legal relationship, and that marriage was not as much of an institution as it is today.

Miley and her husband Ben Affeck also had a baby together in 2016.

However in 2017, Miley released a new song called “I Do”, which stated that she and Nick Jonas are now legally married, and also mentioned that she does not need a legal document to legally live a life without him.

What do you think about celebrities saying they were not legally legally married in the past?

Do you think that they should have been more open about it?

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