A bride and groom who had been separated for more than 20 years finally got married in a brief ceremony that was held on a beach in Florida, but in this case it was a baptism.ABC7 News asked a couple why they were doing the wedding ceremony and they both answered “it’s because we are Baptists.”

Marissa and Joe Fisk are both Baptists and said they have been trying to get married for years.

They have been married in public, but when it came time to get it done, they didn’t want to go public.

“We were in a very different place.

We didn’t have any money.

We were in debt,” Joe Fiss explained.”

So we decided that we wanted to do a public ceremony for the same reason,” Marissa Fisk said.

Marissa said the couple decided to make a private ceremony on the beach in the hopes it would get them more publicity.

“It was something that we both wanted to be able to do and be part of something that was positive and uplifting,” Joe said.

“And I felt like this was the right thing to do.”

Marisa and Joe said they both feel good about the wedding, but they were nervous about what the wedding reception would be like.

“When we were talking about the ceremony, I was thinking, you know, it’s a lot different, it will be a different feeling,” Joe told ABC7.

Marisa said she feels like she’s getting married for the first time in 20 years, and the reception is going to be a lot of fun.

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen anybody come here and just have this open ceremony, you see everybody just kind of going around and they’re just kind for fun,” Marisa said.ABC News asked the couple if they had any plans for a big celebration for the reception.

“Not really.

I think it’s kind of something we’re just going to do one of those wedding ceremonies,” Marissa Fisk told ABC 7.

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